Convertible Loan Note:

NQ Minerals is an expanding base and precious metals production and exploration company with its operations centered around its Hellyer Operations in Tasmania, Australia. At acquisition, the Hellyer project comprised a 9.25mt JORC (2012) compliant Resource and an in situ mothballed processing plant. NQ’s evaluation ofthe Hellyer Project indicated the opportunity to process and extensively commercialise the 11.24 mt in-situ tailings comprising a 9.25 mt JORC (2012) compliant resource at:

  • Gold at 2.57 g/t (764,300 oz)
  • Silver at 92 g/t (27.4 million oz)
  • Lead at 2.99% (276,600 tonnes)
  • Zinc at 2.35% (217,400 tonnes)

The company has recently purchased the very successful Beaconsfield gold mine, set to reopen under the NQ Minerals management. Beaconsfield's total resources rise to 1.454mln tonnes at a grade of 10.3g per tonne (g/t), for 483,000 ounces gold.

Investment highlights:

  • Convertible Loan Note - 12% per annum, 3 year term;
  • The Note can be converted to shares or redeemed;
  • The Shares issued on conversion will rank equally with all existing Shares then on issue;
  • The notes are secured against the assets of the company and rank ahead of all shares;
  • Minimum investment: £12,500.

Corporate overview:

  • A portfolio of mining assets;
  • Flagship project in production – minimum 100 ton per hour feed;
  • Attractive Project Returns;
  • Growth through Accelerating Cash Flow & Acquisitions;
  • Publicly Listed on Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) with intent to list on LSE this year, 2021;
  • Stable Jurisdiction;
  • Experienced Management.


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