Energy Green Bond

Energy Storage Pty Ltd is an Australian Company driven by Zero Emission Clean Thermal Technologies.

Their mission is to deliver highly predictable long term annuity revenue streams through the provision of our IP protected zero emission turn-key clean energy power generation and energy storage solutions.

They serve a niche of astute customers - including large-scale industrial, renewable energy companies and utilities.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: £1,000;
  • Disruptive new technical solutions addressing critical issues related to heat loss in industrial processes and the ability to capture and reuse intermittent renewable energy supply, delivering clean energy at peak rates;
  • GBP £300m Corporate Bond Program;
  • First Series (GBP) £28m, 8.21% PA;
  • 5 Year Term;
  • Yield Paid Quarterly;
  • Truva Trustees (formerly GRM Law) hold assets under security;
  • Listed Dublin, Ireland and Frankfurt, Germany;
  • Crest Enabled;
  • 30-day Liquid;
  • Bloomberg Green Ticket;
  • Senior Secured Debt under English law.


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