Gemstones Investment Opportunity:

Hexa Resources is a new UK based private coloured gemstone business, focused on mining and trading emeralds in Colombia, and Brazil. Our strategy is to grow the business, adding other premium gem-stones, to become a leading player in the wholesale coloured gemstone market (a US$6-8Billlion sales market, with very few established brands).

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: £5,000;
  • Commitment to list on CSE or AIM - 2021;
  • Emerald focus initially, expanding to coloured gemstones;
  • Ripe for consolidation, integration and commercialization;
  • 3 deals signed by Coscuez / Colombia's 3rd largest emerald mine;
  • Deal to invest in producing Piteiras / Brazilian emerald mine;
  • Deal in principle to invest / exploration in "Las Pavas" mine;
  • Partnered an established emerald sales and platform;
  • Stable jurisdictions, Muzo / Colombia, Minas Gerais / Brazil;
  • $6.5 BN + wholesale mkt, minimum public company coverage;
  • Seasoned team, exploration, mining, gemstone trading;
  • Cash-flow positive, scalable trading income 2020 $2.2 M.

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