Gold Loan Note:

This is a London-based company focused on gold exports with relationships in the gold regions, particularly in West Africa. Its business partners are authorised gold purchasers and have secured significant discounts on pure gold for the purpose of achieving regular trading profits. This has created the opportunity to enter a gold trading operation with the purchases made at competitive prices for sales directly to the UAE at a significant margin.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: €25,000;
  • Fixed rate loan note:
    1. Series A: 15% annually, paid at the rate of 1.25% per month (bimonthly coupons)
      Series B: 20% deferred paid annually
  • Term: 3 years;
  • Security Trustee;
  • The company can repay the Loan Notes before their maturity, interest payable to date of early repayment.


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