Lithium-conserving Investment:

LithTech Industries has developed and patented a method for effectively eliminating lithium loss during magnesium removal and produces an economic magnesium by-product.

The LithTech technology is a process technology which selectively separates magnesium ions from solutions, including lithium containing brines. The process uses an electrodialysis cell comprising three chambers separated by membranes. Applying a current enables hydroxide ions to react with magnesium cations to form insoluble magnesium hydroxide. The Mg (OH)2 effectively falls out and can be processed into a commercial product. Conventional processes utilise a chemical process heavily reliant on reagents (particular soda ash) which tends to co-precipitate some lithium and does not produce a commercially viable magnesium chemical.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: AUD20,000;
  • Share price: AUD0,02;
  • Seeking to raise AUD500,000;
  • By 2030 UBS predicts a notable increase in demand for manganese, lithium, cobalt, rare earths, nickel and copper if car makers are to hit some very ambitious EV production targets;
  • Technology has significant potential to aid global concerns including decarbonization, access to clean water as well as the production of saleable magnesium hydroxide - Mg (OH)2 with simultaneous CO2 sequestration;
  • LithTech partnerships and key industry contacts include Michael Rodriguez of Jervois Mining, Murrin Murrin, Ravensthorpe, BHP, BP, Volkswagen via UNSW, Galaxy Lithium and many more offer substantial value add to the company and stand them in a good position for the future.


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