Pre-IPO Copper Opportunity:

The company embarked on a mission to build Peru’s first ecological and environmentally friendly mineral processing plant, deploying new technologies as well as organic reagents and powered by sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Peru is the second-largest producer of copper and the third-largest producer of Molybdenum in the world.

Located to the south of Nasca, in the province of Ica, specifically in the Poroma annex, some 400 kilometers south of the capital of Peru, Lima. Easy access to the Pan American Highway is readily available.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: $10,000;
  • Equity investment is $1 per share or by a convertible loan note paying 15% P/A paid bi-annually;
  • Convert to shares at any time at $1 per share;
  • Listing on New York Stock Exchange late 2024;
  • Total raise USD 4 million.


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