PRE-IPO charging up renewables:

New Generation Minerals and Altilium Group partnership aims to promote, market and license the DNi Process™, Altilium’s ground-breaking, patent-protected method for extracting nickel, cobalt and other constituent metals in laterite ore, in Western Australia.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: AUD10,000;
  • Nickel demand exceeds capacity, multiple new projects needed;
  • Western Australia is the top global location, ethical mining and large nickel-cobalt resources;
  • NGM partnering with DNi™, Technology to build nickel-cobalt processing hub in heart of Western Australia reserves;
  • NGM is partnered with Altilium Group to build the next plant in Queensland, Western Australia;
  • NGM intends to limit equity finance in favour debt / off-take finance;
  • NGM has set up new company – New Generation Minerals Australia Pty Ltd, 100% owned by NGM (UK);
  • Pre-IPO to raise 3 million AUD to fund scoping work, secure off-taker partner, ASX application;
  • Listing on ASX in Q1 2024.


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